What to Expect During Your Visit

Retina Consultants, LTDYou will meet with members of our clinic staff prior to seeing your doctor.  After your assessment with our clinic staff, your doctor will see you for examination, consultation, and treatment options.  Since our exam rooms serve varied purposes, you will be moved to different rooms during your visit.  There may be a wait time between each segment of your visit.  

If you require assistance with your physical needs, please make arrangements for someone to accompany you to your appointment and remain with you throughout the duration of your visit.

LobbyBoth of your eyes will be dilated on your initial visit.  To dilate your eyes, the physician or technician uses eye drops to make your pupil larger. After the drops are administered, there will be a wait time for dilation to occur before the examination continues. It is our recommendation that you have someone drive you home. You will be more comfortable wearing sunglasses when your eyes are dilated.

Conducting a thorough examination on your initial visit is a lengthy process.  Therefore, we are unable to determine the exact length of your clinic visit in advance.  Please plan on being in the clinic for 2 to 4 hours.  Because of the length of visit, we suggest eating a meal prior to coming to your appointment.  If special tests are required, we will strive to finish these tests and provide treatment the same day.
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