Lattice Degeneration


The retina is the nerve layer that lines the back of the eye.  While the center of the retina is what provides our sharpest vision, the periphery of the retina is also important. One of the conditions that can affect the peripheral retina is called Lattice Degeneration. It consists of spots, or strips of increased dark pigmentation, that are crossed by fine white streaks like a lattice. Lattice Degeneration may never cause any problems, but sometimes a small hole can occur in the area of the lattice, and this hole may lead to a detachment of the retina. Symptoms of a hole in an area of Lattice Degeneration includes flashes, like lightning streaks, in the field of vision, or new floaters. Retinal holes associated with Lattice Degeneration may or may not require treatment, but the only way to be sure, is to speak with an eye doctor promptly, should you notice any new floaters or flashes. Lattice Degeneration, without holes, can be monitored routinely at your eye doctor's discretion.




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